I have always wondered how people set up awesome product photography. Over the last 8 months I have really found my love for product photography. It is a combination of lightening, set up and creativity. Below are some images I took at a cabin in Victor, ID and I will explain how I got some shots!

Awesome Product Photography Starburst

Can we all agree that the Favorite Red Starburst bag is the best? I brought these as a snack to eat on our way into Grand Teton National Park, but they also served as an awesome product to photograph! I used the wood countertop in the kitchen, a white reflector in the background, and cut up a watermelon and strawberries for some bokeh in the background. I knew I wanted to highlight the Starburst and so I added the bag in the background as well but kept the mount of Starburst as my focus. I used a continuous light set up and then played around with product placement until I got this shot!

Awesome Product Photography Shampoo Flowers

My favorite shot is either the starburst one above or this purple shampoo. Before we left for the cabin, I made a stop at a local grocery store and bought all the purple flower they had! I had this idea and was prepared to execute it! I shot this on white plexiglass with an LED light underneath and an LED light overhead.

Here are more awesome product photography I am proud of!

Awesome Product Photography Columbia Boots

Awesome Product Photography Sunglasses

Awesome Product Photography Backcountry

I am a huge fan of Backcountry and I love this jacket I got from them. I took this photo and then made an ad mock up similar to their own ads.

Awesome Product Photography Ties


For more awesome product photography from students, check out Gerardo Sumano!