Welcome to my Bannack Ghost Town Creative post! This was hands down my favorite thing I have ever done for school. Not only was it a blast but I learned SO MUCH!! I finally understand how to shoot manual mode on my camera and have pictures turn out the way I want them to!

Levitation: 05-21-18; 3pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 24mm; f/6.3; 1/125; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

My levitation pictures were the last thing I got on our field trip. I am so thankful for this model and being willing to help me towards the end. I liked his props and wanted to levitate them instead of him. If I were to do it again I would raise the cane a little more above his hand, so it was levitating more.

Ghost: 05-21-18; 3pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 18mm; f/5.0; 15.0; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

The ghost shot was the first thing we did as a group. We went down towards the end of the ghost town and found a random house with a sketchy dark room. I like how you can see the ghost’s face and knife in this picture, but it is also blurred from him moving around. Spooky.

Abstract: 05-21-18; 2pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 32mm; f/22; 1/4; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

This might be one of my favorite shots I took at Bannack. The texture of the wallpaper and bent nail really make this picture interesting. The old pattern of the wallpaper adds to the abstract look.

Commercial: 05-21-18; 3pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 24mm; f/4.0; 1/125; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

For my commercial picture I originally had a vintage camera I was going to make an advertisement for but once I looked at those pictures I made the decision to use them for my fine art blog post. I am glad I snapped some pictures of my Cotopaxi backpack that I could use for this assignment. This picture has an old, warm tone to it and it makes the logo on the backpack stand out.

Conceptual: 05-21-18; 3pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 47mm; f22; 1/5; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

For the conceptual assignment I had so many different ideas and then I stumbled upon this bird’s nest. There wasn’t anything in it sadly, but no one has to know. In this picture, the bird’s nest is the focus but I like how you can see into the house as well and the blurred window at the bottom.