I am EXCITED to share these pictures!! A few of my favorite pictures from Bannack are below.

Upside Down: 05-21-18; 1pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 35mm; f/8; 1/60; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

I took dozens of pictures with this crystal ball. I tried so many different things to reflect on it and low and behold, this upside-down table was my favorite. By this time in Montana, I was getting really experienced with my settings and I was impressed by how this image turned out unedited. I enhanced the colors a little bit for the image above. I shot this from the ground on my stomach.

Music Camera: 05-21-18; 12pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 22mm; f/16; 1/6; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

This was originally going to be my commercial image, but it turned out a million times better than I ever imagined so I used it as a fine art piece. The lighting is incredible in this picture. It was by chance that I got the light because Sister Esplin was setting up the auxiliary lighting right as I snapped this. The piano brings a subtle but unique backdrop for this vintage camera. I used the inside white balance to bring out the vintage look.

Pink: 05-21-18; 2pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 18mm; f/3.5; 1/25; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Tripod

This pink room grabbed my attention. Maybe because I am a girl and I am passionate about flowers, but I wanted to capture the cuteness in a picture. The doorknob gave it enough interest in the photo that I felt it could be a fine art. I shot it on a tripod and had to have a slow shutter to let in the light because it was dark except one window. I also could not get the door to close so the slightly open door add to the texture of the photo.

Rock Me Baby: 05-21-18; 2pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 18mm; f/22; 1/10; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Tripod

In a random barn was this rustic wagon. It wasn’t as worn as the one close to the town, so it gave me more to photograph. I shot this on a tripod, so I wasn’t rolling around in the dirt. I have so many angles of the wheels and I felt like this was an interest angle because it’s not head on but not completely from the side either.

Hotel: 05-21-18; 5pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 44mm; f/6.3; 1/500; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Tripod

I snapped this picture on my way out of Bannack. I wish the sky had been clear and blue with puffy clouds for the background, but it was cloudy and rainy.  I only captured the top of the hotel to give an interesting perspective but didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted.

Cowboy Time: 05-21-18; 3pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 35mm; f/7.1; 1/500; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

This is an extra photo I am including because I wasn’t sure if it could count for fine art because it has a person in it. I had seconds to take this picture and if I could do it again I would make the pocket watch clear, but I got what I got. The bokeh of it gives an interesting feel and not something common you see. The subtle texture of the cowboy’s vest is something I tried to bring out in post because I felt like it brought more life to the picture.