This was the section of the field trip I was most looking forward to, and oddly, it was my least favorite! I need lots more help and pointers for shooting portraits.

Indian Girl: 05-21-18; 4pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 35mm; f/5.6; 1/200; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Gold Reflector

The lighting we were getting for these pictures was stunning. I could not believe the auxiliary light and gold reflector worked so amazing together. It looks like there is a fire in the cabin and this Indian girl is glowing! The texture of the skin really stands out and brings attention to her attitude and her thoughts.

The Cowboy: 05-21-18; 4pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 31mm; f/7.1; 1/1250; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

The Cowboy. This model was a hoot. He looks like an outline against the sky, his subtle hand on his gun and the reflection in the glass all work together. I had no lighting on him and I could have brightened his face with a reflector, but I like the mysterious look it has with the darkness.

Western Love: 05-21-18; 5pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 35mm; f/5.0; 1/200; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Gold Reflector

These two were cute. This was our last portrait stop and they had been modeling for hours. When I walked up the stairs they were both sitting there, and I decided to position them a little but keep that natural look they automatically had. Something not related to the people is the tree in the window. That reflection looks so cool to me.

Cool School: 05-21-18; 5pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 30mm; f/8; 1/125; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Apollo Orbs

This was fun because the model and I are good friends! And Sister Esplin came in and gave pointers for this. At first, I stayed away from this window became I was scared it would bring to much light but at the very end I moved over there, and I am glad I did. Kaley looks glowing in this with the apollo orb lighting and the natural window.

Shoot: 05-21-18; 4pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 49mm; f/13; 1/100; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; White Reflector

This was a candid photo. Someone was taking a picture of his boot and I waved, and he shot his gun at me. I grabbed my camera and shot him back! I liked the background of this picture. I like the green grass and then the log cabin. It was different than any other portraits I got.

Yellow Women: 05-21-18; 5pm; Bannack, Montana; FL: 18mm; f/54.5; 1/50; Canon EOS REBEL T5i; Einstein Strobes

Extra picture. I LOVED this picture, but I used her and her husband for my group. This staircase is stunning, and I loved her position on it. I stood on a chair and got on her level, so the picture would be more flattering. The yellow wall against her outfit is eye-catching and the staircase looks cartoon like!