After months of working on a personal logo and brand, I have finally created something I am extremely happy about. I have had multiple logos but have not loved any of them until I completed this one. I really wanted to stand out from the many people in this field of design and I wanted my logo to appeal to my audience. The end product is modern, unique and represents my personal brand. The second step was to decide on colors. Blue has been my favorite color forever and so having different shades of blue only made sense. The choice to add coral and green into my secondary color pallet came when I was designing the doodle picture on my “about” page. My color scheme needed a pop of color and these seemed to blend well. The font was a no brainer. Lato is my favorite font and it just happens to be a Google font, so it is very diverse and usable. Instead of having two complimentary fonts, I wanted to use the same font with two stroke differences. It feels amazing to finally have a personal brand and to like what it looks like!

Here are what my first logo sketches looked like:

My Pinterest mood board:

Pinterest Mood Board

And this is my final product:


Take a look at Gary Sheng! He has done a great job at branding himself and his website.