I never thought I would be submitting photos into a contest! I have said it before, but this class as really boosted the confidence in my photography skills and my creative skills. I chose to enter 3 photos into the Idaho Falls Magazine Photo Contest. The pictures I chose aren’t necessarily my favorite, but I think they are the most interesting and eye-catching. Two of them are similar in tones and perspectives and the other one is bright and colorful with a unique concept and setup. Overall, I am just very proud to have my name attached to these pictures and to have them judged!

I grew up in Idaho Falls and I would sometimes read the Idaho Falls Magazine. So, when Sister Esplin said that was a contest we could enter I thought it would be so cool to come full circle and enter some pictures! They get so many entries and so many more talented photographers than me, but I am anxious and excited to see what happens!


Date Submitted: June 27, 2018

Idaho Falls Magazine Photo Contest