I have found that going out at night and creating cool long exposure is a way for me to be more creative as a photographer. There are a few key elements for capturing cool long exposure shots. You need to have a tripod, long exposure and some sort of light. With this first photo, I had my good friend Emilee Wright sit on the ground. I stood on a bench and had this light twirled light around her. My shutter speed was 15 seconds long and so her body came out black and the light formed a colorful tornado around her!


This next photo is of my friend Kory Burrows and used a different method for long exposure. He started on the horse on the far right, we started our cameras at a 20 second shutter speed and flashed a speed light on him as he moved across the frame. There was someone throwing his cape, so it looked like he was moving a lot faster than he was. Like I said, long exposures allow me to be so creative and silly as a photographer.


This last one reminded me of Doctor Strange and how much I love Marvel movies! I made myself into an avenger one time, you can see that post here!



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