I enjoyed this week a lot more than last! The concept of deep and shallow depth clicked more in my brain that capturing motion.

Deep Depth

Spori Bloom: 05-09-18; 12pm; BYU-I Campus; FL: 28mm; f/29; 1/300; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

During our class last week, Sister Esplin gave us time to go capture a few images and this was one I took. It ended up being one of my favorites from the entire week. The pink bloom on the left side is so beautiful and it frames the Spori building just right. I do wish that I would have straightened out my angles while I was shooting.

Gardens: 05-15-18; 5pm; BYU-I Gardens; FL: 35mm; f/25; 1/5; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

I felt like it was much easier for me to capture shallow depth throughout the week and after reviewing my pictures I wanted to get a better deep depth picture, so I wondered into the Gardens on campus. I wanted to find something that wasn’t clich√©, and nothing was coming into my head. So out of all the new pictures I took this is the one I felt was the best. And I like how the colors in this picture turned out!

Shallow Depth

Purple Madeline: 05-15-18; 1pm; Nauvoo House; FL: 35mm; f/4.5; 1/1600; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

All my roommates are beautiful, and I am glad they enjoy me dragging them out randomly to take pictures. I am a very strong beginner when it comes to photography and I still don’t know what style I enjoy doing most. I have tried portraits, food, landscape and I still haven’t found my groove. I was driving home from a doctor appointment and I saw this beautiful purple bush on the side of the road. I rounded up a roommate and headed back to get this picture! I like how the purple blooms are blurred, but you can still tell it is a bush and Madeline really grabs your attention in the middle!

Bubbles: 05-14-18; 5:30pm; Rexburg Fields; FL: 31mm; f/4.0; 1/1600; Canon EOS REBEL T5i

And here I tried more photography of my roommates. We found this random field with these silos (we did ask the farmer for permission). I had these random bubbles in the trunk of my car and used them for a cute prop! The wind was not on our side that day because I had a vision for a picture with the bubbles in focus and Rachel and the rest of the background blurred but they bubble would fly away too fast. But the silos made for an interesting backdrop.

Yay for Montana next week!