Great Barrier Reef

Man Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Location: North-Eastern Coast, Australia

Get your breath taken away as you dive down into Australia’s natural wonder! The Great Barrier Reef shows you an astonishing view of marine life under the ocean. Come interact with “3000 individual reef systems and coral cays” by snorkeling and scuba diving. If you fear the Big Blue or want a bird’s eyes view, take a helicopter tour, to view the intensity of how large the famous natural reef is.

Fun Fact: It is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth visible from space.


Grand Canyon

Birds eye view of Grand Canyon

Location: Arizona, United States

An indescribable experience, and nothing short of grand in expectations and size. There are four main parts of the Grand Canyon: North, South, East and West Rims. The South Rim is the most popular and if you have never been, it’s a good place to start! You can tour this wonder in many forms including, backpacking, rafting, paddle boarding, or viewing the nature by helicopter, or bus. Find what satisfies your adventure and get going!

Fun Fact: The Grand Canyon is 277 miles in length.


Victoria Falls

Panoramic picture of Victoria Waterfall

Location: Mosi-o-tunya Road, Livingston, Zambia

Victoria Falls is known as the largest waterfall in the world! The falls flow from the Zambezi river in Africa. The massive waterfall is almost 1 mile long, and the famous mist can reach up to 440 feet in the air! It is a thrilling site to take in. The water is flowing the heaviest after the rainy season in April and the lowest in October.

Fun Fact: The noise of Victoria Falls can be heard from a distance of 25 miles.


Mount Everest

Half cloudy, half blue sky with Mount Everest peaking out

Location(s): the border of Nepal and Tibet

If you are wanting to embark on a once in a lifetime climb, Mount Everest is the wonder for you (after years of intense training, that is). Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain above sea level with an elevation of 29,029’! It consists of the Himalayas and Mahalangur Himal mountain ranges.

Fun Fact: Only around 4,000 people have climbed to the top Mount Everest.


Rio de Janeiro

Birds eye view of city, coast and mountains in Rio de Janeiro

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Want to visit a natural wonder but also get your city feel? Rio de Janeiro is your top pick! This city never seizes to impress with its size, sights, and attractions. “The rain-forests, museums, beaches gardens and the glitz of the city have made Rio what it is today” – Brazil’s top-notch tourist destination.

Fun Fact: While visiting one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue, and start visiting the 7 Man-Made Wonders of the World.


Northern Lights

Purple, green Northern Lights with snow and stars

Location(s): Fairbanks, Alaska, United States; Yellowknife, Canada; Tromso, Norway; Northern Sweden and Finland; Greenland; Tasmania and New Zeland

“The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.” You have many location options! It is rumored that the Northwest Territories of Alaska have the most beautiful colors for the Northern Lights. Winter is when these lights come out to dance, so do your research and dress warmly!

Fun Fact: Also known as Aurora.



Birds eye view of the volcano Paricutin

Location: Michoacan, Mexico

Strangely, this is one of the youngest volcanoes on the earth. But is still on the list for one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World! “On February 20, 1943, Paricutin began to erupt in an open field. The fire, lava, and ashes destroyed and buried two villages and hundreds of homes.”

Fun Fact: You can visit ‘the partially buried church of San Juan Parangaricutiro at the edge of the village of Paricutin.


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