Wowza. You could say I was intimidated and nervous for this photoshoot because my weakest skill is portraits. Trying to style and pose people is very intimidating. And then working with auxiliary lighting is a stretch, but I am so glad we got to work on all these things and I was able to learn.

This was taken on our 3 day Teton excursion. The auxiliary lighting is stunning! This was one of the only portraits I got on the excursion and I am so lucky it turned out this stunning! The colors in the background really added to this picture!

I used a bit of SQIBB technique to take this picture. The walls in this racket ball court were all white and the lighting was terrible so we got creative! It took a while to get the lighting just right but I like the skin texture and how you can see the “W” on the racket.

My good friend, Kaley, who is so photogenic! This was taken with continuous light and after taking it I wish I would have moved the light to be more center on her so it didn’t create weird shadows. I like the pose she is doing and the texture on the wall behind her.

I know nothing about Basketball but these models were very kind in helping me pose them. The lighting at this station took us forever to learn how to use but after we got it I got 2 or 3 nice pictures. If I could add anything I would have had our smoke machine going in the background of this picture.

This was our last station and I won’t lie, I felt like my creativity was dead. But they broke out the Uke and I got a nice candid shot of them. It could be a lot sharper, especially on the girls face, but I like the vibe the picture gives off. Very laid back and having fun.

I still have a long way to go with portraits but I hope someday I will feel more confident in my ability to photograph in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.