Mockup from



After Edits

Originally I had my fine art prints narrowed down to 3 pictures. They were all from our trip to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. My biggest problem was I wasn’t sure if I loved any of the images enough to print for this assignment. I met with Sister Esplin and she helped me edit them differently than how I edited them for previous assignments. I went with this texture image for a few reasons. One, it was the best quality out of the 3 I had narrowed down. Secondly, it has amazing textures that came right out of the camera. And thirdly, I edited the image to clarify the textures more and used the dodge and burn effect in photoshop to bring in more grunge. The nail brings a focal point to the image but doesn’t take away from the textures of the peeling wallpaper. To prepare the image for print I brought up the shadows and added clarity so nothing would get lost. I got my 16×24 print back today and I am excited to submit it!