I have come to the conclusion that food and products are my favorite thing to shoot! These pictures still are not super great but I did like how 2 of them turned out. My biggest weakness is editing photos and I hope I didn’t make them look worse in post-production! I do not own any of these logos I am just using them for educational purposes.


This is my favorite picture I took on the excursion. I love Oreos and for some reason, the orange dye filling makes the Halloween Oreos my FAVORITE! They taste the exact same but I stock up on Halloween Oreos and enjoy them well into February. The little witch hat was part of a Halloween decoration my mom had. I used plexiglass on the bottom and white poster board for the backdrop. Kylie held a speedflash to create the shadows.

My favorite part of this picture is the text on the lipstick and how perfect it fell in the shadow. I won’t lie, this was by complete luck. I only had about 3 minutes to take this picture and the lighting was beyond perfect. My wish is that I could have gotten the text more clear on the lipstick tube. The “UR” is blurry.

And here is another lipgloss and chapstick. haha I didn’t realize I had two similar products until I was editing them. My favorite part of this image is the greens in the background. They are blurry but still give a very natural feel to the photo. The colors all work great from the brown, green, peach and red.


This cake was literally Christmas in a cake! The pine leaves, the berries, it just screamed Christmas. I had someone in my group hold up the red tablecloth for the background. This was actually the only shot I took of the cake because of time.

The above cake picture is for sure my best food shot. We used continuous light for this picture. I do like the setup but I feel like the backdrop is too dark.

And here is my last food shot. I am so inexperienced but I thought this was kinda random. I do really like the different textures that are in this picture but I was afraid to sharpen them because I have a tendency to oversharpen my pictures.

That is all! Thanks!