For the logo project my group is the flightless bird dancing. We are aiming it towards birds that can’t fly. But just because they don’t fly doesn’t mean they can’t have the best dance moves on the ground! We are playing with the name Grounded Moves but I kind of like Grounded Groovin’.  I was really excited about this at first and then I started sketching and I could not figure out what to do! I tried Penguins, and an Ostrich and even a Dodo bird and I could not find anything I liked. The more sketches I did the better they because, that’s for sure. I ended up really liking the Dodo bird idea but then when I started designing in illustrator every Dodo bird I designed looked sooooooo messed up and nothing like a bird. So I went back to the Penguin and I think I crated a pretty cute one for the logo. I am super grateful that we are doing at least 5 before class because with each edit it gets better and better. And it is fun to see it progress. I am looking forward to seeing what my group has created and how my logo can improve!

-Brenna Pincock