Learning the different typography categories was very interesting to me. I found myself all week identifying what categories fonts went in when I would see posters, or text on the television.  I have also applied it to my logo project trying to make it more modern.

As I look at the church and the logo they use to have and they logo they have now a couple thoughts came into my head. One, the old logo was super unusual in its spacing and the proximity of the wording. I never noticed it too much until I took this class and we had an entire lesson on it. The second thing that I thought of was they changed it to a more modern design. It is modern but it still has a very professional, older look to it. I also think it is cleaner an it appeals better to the eye. It looks more even when displayed on church buildings or the church website.

As expected each week I learn more and more in Adobe Illustrator and I become more confident in my ability to design what I want and not just what basic shapes can provide for the design. I still get frustrated and I still google how to do a lot of things but I am learning. I even know more than just the undo shortcut! Haha I can understand why Brother Judkins tells us a good logo takes hundreds of hours. Every time I pick up my computer to work on my logo it changes every time. It is so hard to just be done with it. I am always trying something new and looking for ways for it to become different and better!

-Brenna Pincock