This logo project has been really, really fun. I have learned so much about Adobe Illustrator and also more from the design book we have been reading. The 16 logos I drew out as sketches look nothing like my final product! And my final logo looks nothing like my first logo in Illustrator. I am very happy with the final product of my logo but I will say this, logos are hard because I feel like I can never be satisfied. I could tweak and change my logo forever. That can be a good thing because it can always improve but also it makes me frustrated because I never feel fully accomplished when I turn it in for a grade. The thing that helped me the most with this project is meeting with Brother Judkins outside of class and getting his help and opinions and critique. He truly helped me develop my logo into more professional and coherent and made me push myself.

has a clear hierarchy and is visually interesting

  • With my logo I tried to make it hip and modern. It fits in with what millenials would see today but I also think it is different enough for people to stop and take notice of it.

is unified

  • I put the penguin in a letter G to represent the name of my company (Grounded Groovin’) and then also used another G in the headphones. The penguin inside the G really gives it a nice shape and connects the penguin to the name of the company in a settle, cool way.

is simple but not simplistic

  • When I first created the penguin shape I was a little discouraged because I had worked so hard on it but yet it looked so simple and easy! I could not believe all the work I put into that shape for it to look so easy. As I developed the penguin and added some depth to the design it enhanced the penguin and made it simplistic but artistic.

is readable

  • If you know the name of the company, you will understand the logo. The logo represents the initials of the company and the headphones on the penguin brings in the music aspect of the company.

is unique

  • I personally feel like my logo is unique, stylish and very modern. I especially tired to keep it unique with the colors I choose and the coolness of the penguin.

is communicative

  • The logo makes a statement and I would be proud to see this on company swag. I think it can always be improving but it is a dang good start. J

-Brenna Pincock