Last Thursday I was gone so I am very grateful for good classmates who fill me in on the assignments! I was very excited when I heard we were using our logos because after spending so much time on my logo I was excited to see it used. I started with the business cards and actually designed them on my flight back to Rexburg. I would say that sitting down and doing them all in one setting was an advantage and also a disadvantage. It was an advantage because I got them all done and I had nothing else to distract me but I felt like they were looking the same. They evolved and got better as I designed more but they all look similar. The one I used to design my envelope with is my favorite and I think it looks the most professional. It was easy to design the envelope to look similar to the business card. The thing about both the business card and the envelope I want to improve is the color. I feel like the blue is too dominating and a little overwhelming. Because I felt like the blue was too overpowering I switched it up and used red as the dominate color in my letter head. I am very eager to get feed back on the letter head especially because I am not even sure I have all the needed information on it. If these are anything like my original logo it will change a lot by when the final comes along.

-Brenna Pincock