screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-10-26-20-pmscreen-shot-2017-03-01-at-10-26-04-pmThis has hands down been my favorite project so far. I have loved trying so many different designs for the business card, envelope and stationary and seeing what works and what does not work. I was very happy with how my assignments turned out last week in the draft form and I wanted them to improve but not completely change. I got feedback in class and I had made an obvious mistake on my envelope and after incorporating the other feedback I went and saw Brother Judkins to see how I could finalize my projects. We played with changing the shape of the business card and making an edge round and the beak of my penguin logo stick out but as I was designing them I really didn’t love them. I felt like it made the card too awkward. So what I ended up doing was creating a back for the business card and freed up some white space on the front. I fixed the envelope so the stamp could go in the top right corner and I made some minor adjustments to my letter head. Overall I am very excited about the thing I designed and I wish this was a real company! Haha

Brenna Pincock