I opened my Instagram app and the first post was from a Utah clothing store called Nest Boutique. I liked the picture they used to advertise this yellow sweater so I am using it for my reverse engineer post this week. This boutique is one of many women’s clothing stores in Utah and Idaho. Because the market is saturated it can be hard to create content that will stand out to the buyers. Immediately when I saw this I wanted this sweater and I am going to dive deep into what makes this picture appealing.

Here is the original post:

Rule of Thirds:

The placement of the model makes the picture interesting. She also takes up the majority of the left side of the picture and it draws your eye to her and the sweater they are trying to sell.


The stairs they are posing on create lines through the right side of the photo. While they could be distracting, in this particular photo they add interest to the right side and background of the image.


The focus of this image makes the model and sweater pop more than you realize at first. The bokeh in the background helps your eye pay attention to the details, color, and design of the sweater.

Seascape principles in this image are The Presentation Principle, The Zeitgeist Principle, and The Attention Principle.

Overall the image is wonderful. It catches attention and is different from the other boutique posts I see in my feed. The caption could use some work but I like how they have tagged the product in the post and you can shop directly from this image. I seriously want to buy this sweater. lol