What can set you apart from the other hundred portrait photographers? What can you do to stand out when so many people buy DSLR cameras and think they are pro? Take amazing portraits that get noticed!

The phrase “Balance the Light” goes through my mind on repeat when I have a camera in my hand. There are ways to balance the light without off-camera flash, but it can make your photos stand out!

These images are all taken at the same location, at the same time of day, and with the same model. This first unedited image is where the lighting on my subject, Vanessa, looks decent. The back is blown out past the point of editing. This is the quality of images you will get with most armature portrait photographers. But I am not satisfied with that.


So, what can you do?? Bring in an off-camera flash!

This next image is the exact same settings as the image above, I just set up a speed light to pop a flash on my model. You get the detail of the sky AND of the subject. This is what most armature portrait photographers don’t do. This image is interesting, beautiful and will stand out!!



For more stand out portraits, check out iso 1200!