After hours of trying to decide what photo was good enough to print, I chose this one. This did not make it into my initial “edit” file of my best images from this day but after going back and looking at all my images I am glad I did not overlook it a second time.

At the wee hours of the morning, I took this photos. I set my camera up for bracketing so I could get the full effect of the sky but also the details in the wood barn. I imported them to Lightroom and merged them together.

After merging them together this is what the image looked like. I did some edits in Bridge but I did most of them in Photoshop. I used a lot of masks because of the extreme color differences in the sky, barn, and yellow grass. I enhanced each of them separately and then did some extra work to the sky to bring out the blue and then the crazy grey cloud right above the barn. I also raised the shadows and added clarity to the barn, so it would stand out after I got it printed.

I sized it to 16×24 and took it to the print shop. I picked it up the next day and ta-dah! I wish I would have brought up the shadows a little more in the clouds because it printed dark and looks edited. Other than that, I am happy with how it turned out!

This print will be framed and displayed on the first floor of the Spori building at BYU-I. It is very nerve-wracking to have your work printed and framed because it is out there for people to critique and share their opinions. There are so many talented people who will also have their prints on display!