I am a big fan (addict) of online shopping. One of my favorite places to purchase from is Free People. I did some research on their brand presence on social media. The target audience is women ages 20-50. Because I am accustomed to posts and brands targeted to millennials, I was interested to see how Free People adjusted their brand for their Target Audience. I am a very clean, simple person and I am drawn to their branding for those exact reasons. 

All of their social media platforms are cohesive and that is a big deal for me. I like when things are similar and work together. When they are random and messy it drives me crazy, and as a consumer, it drives me away.

Contrast- Their cover photo on Facebook and Twitter are the same 3 people collage showing different fall outfits. The middle photo is black and white and it adds contrast to the other 2 photos. It doesn’t take away from that particular photo but it gives more difference between pictures.

Typography- Their logo is clean, clear and very modern. They have established FP as a way to identify themselves so having this as their profile picture on all social media platforms makes sense. The font is not boring but not so extreme you can’t read it. The cream background and the black lettering also adds contrast to the image.

Color- In this particular Instagram line of photos, the blue sky carries over from picture to picture. The images are all very similar. They are promoting a new line of perfume. They have 3 different skin tones holding the perfume bottles but the colors draw your eye and are very authentic pleasing.

Overall, the brand for free people touches their audience. It is not over the top crazy, but it is clean, simple and sophisticated. I feel like that is because it applies to their target audience. For someone who has seen their marketing material for years, I know they follow more than the 3 design principles above. They keep it classy and real.