Can you picture anyone but Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins? Whether you can or can’t, Emily Blunt is playing her role as Marry Poppins this Christmas in the new movie Mary Poppins Returns. The premise surrounds the grown Banks children and their own kids. When in need of a nanny, one appears in the sky floating down with her umbrella. The story is completely new and with new faces as well (including Lin-Manuel Miranda! Maybe that is why I am so excited for this movie?). I am counting down the days until December 19.

I knew right off the bat I wanted to re-create this movie poster. For this movie, there are 2 posters being used to advertise. I liked how this one gave more notice to the story of Mary Poppins. To start I created the movie poster text. I downloaded the font “Movie Poster” and added all my friends, professors, and family members names. I used the clone brush to remove the original movie text and then placed mine in.

The next process was taking the pictures of myself and my brother (who’s face is in place of Lin-Manuel Miranda. No pressure. J) I got my light kit all set up and used a flash with a Rouge bender to soften the light. I also used a silver reflector to brighten up just the shadows the light created. It took quite a few takes to get the lighting and the position of the face to match up. Then it was my turn to repeat this process. The hardest part was positioning my face because it seemed very awkward for me.

I brought those images into Lightroom to add exposure and softened the shadow to make it look like the lighting used on the poster.  I then moved those images to photoshop and I applied a filter to give it a cartoon look. I took our faces and placed them in the movie poster psd file. Each face I added a mask, so I could erase our face and bring back important parts of the characters. For example, Mary Poppins needed to bring back her hat and brown hair. After doing lots of brush adjustments and dodge and burn I was finally ready for some feedback.

And, Ta-Da! This is the final product! I am happy with how cute it turned out. It pushed my skills in photoshop but after I was done I thought I could do something more challenging.

Here is the original,

And the one I re-created.

Thanks for reading!

-Brenna Nichole