My objective is to design some rad stickers that people would want to have on their water bottles, computers, skateboards, etc.


I had so many ideas when I began this project and had a difficult time deciding on just one to pursue. I wanted to do something that I really like so I could find people who had similar interests. I chose to sketch out versions of cats doing different things such as drinking soda and skateboarding. I wasn’t completely satisfied with this idea, but it was good enough to sketch out.

Draft 1:

Knowing that I wasn’t totally satisfied with what my sketches were, I took a break from this project and watched some Netflix. I started re-watching some episodes of the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things. That is probably one of the hottest shows right now based on the number of posts I see on Facebook and Instagram relating to that show. With the thoughts of Stranger Things running through my mind, I connected it to the sketches I had done and arrived at the idea to stick with the cats, but to make them into recognizable Stranger Things characters. It didn’t take long to decide on Eleven, Dustin and Hooper.

Draft 2:

I started to develop each character by adding the identifiable traits they had to the cats I had already come up with. The basic body of the cats are the same but all the stripes and colors differ between them. I designed these while I was traveling on an airplane so I was going totally from my memory and didn’t have any reference pictures, but I thought it was a good start.

Draft 3:

I received the feedback from a class member to add a black stroke to make them feel more connected and more like stickers. This made a night and day difference in my opinion. It really made them feel like they were part of a set. I changed Hoppers cigarette and sheriff star to be more realistic. I added shirts to Dustin and Hopper to give them more of the character feel.

Draft 4:

I was really at a halt with my creativity so I took some time to make the Stranger Cats sign. I continued to tweak each of the cats and made their shirts fit better. I am still having problems with the collars on Eleven and Hopper’s shirts and can’t quite get the pockets on Hoppers shirt right.


I met with my professor and he gave me final critiques on evening out the stoke weight and making the shadows more dramatic. I fixed the placement of the props and then made them all my desired size. I added a little moose to Dustin’s shirt like the one he wears in the TV Show. I made the diecut lines and voila! done!

How I achieved my objective:

I was honestly not sure how this project was going to turn out. I thought it would be mediocre at best but I am finishing up my blog post and I must say I am very proud with how these turned out!! I think they have a good cartoon feel to them and I think they appeal to a wide audience of cat lovers and Stranger Things lovers. The best part of designing is getting to the end of a project and being satisfied with what you have produced. It is very rewarding.