The Tetons hid behind the clouds ALL day. There are still many beautiful places in Grand Teton National Park. We stopped at many barns, cabins, and lakes to shoot. Here are a few of my fine art pictures.

This is my favorite picture I took. I have no idea what lake we were at. I think the light is neat especially on the lake and rocks. I like the rainbow in the lower right corner. The lake was so pretty and the refection of the mountain and tree’s is so clear. This was a five minute period when the sun came out from behind the clouds but the mountain still stayed behind.

This was at this same lake just the other direction. Pretty much everything from that last picture was the exact same in this one. I do like that in the other picture there were rocks in the foreground. That makes the picture above more interesting. There were some people taking pictures on the left so I had to use the healing brush in Photoshop to remove them.

Bright an early at a bunch of barns. I am not a morning person and so I knew this would be interesting. I have never shot at sunrise before and I don’t know if I was doing something wrong or because of the weather but I didn’t get any cool colorful sky. This was one of the barns and I like how the color of the wood and the color of the ground complement each other. The clouds are cool as well!

Here are my fine art pictures from Sky Mountain Lodge:

The lighting on this cabin is my favorite. I was originally attracted to the unique light at the top and then when I saw this picture on my camera I was super excited about the texture and the coloring. If I was to do these again I would take a bracketed shot so I can get better color in the sky. I am worried about the shadow in the left corner because I can’t decide if it is cool or poor photography.

A little red wheelbarrow. I attempted to fill the wheelbarrow with pretty yellow leaves but It really didn’t work because you can’t see them in this photo. haha I thought this scene screamed fall because of the leaves and also the colors.

This picture is so random. I was so worn out by the time we had to take these fine art pictures and so I just took a bunch of random pictures and hoped some turned out cool. This was an old sink that was at our cabin and it actually worked! It had some Equate soap on the ledge that I moved.

There are a couple of pictures that I really like! So it is just seeing if I can use them for my find art print!