One of the biggest TV shows in the world right now is This Is Us. It is a story about a family who goes through life struggles that most people can relate to. They touch on subjects like losing a family member, arguments with siblings, miscarriage and so many more things that touch people deeply. I am in the huge crowd of people who are obsessed with this show. I follow the cast on Instagram and follow the This Is Us page on Facebook and Instagram. Season 3 premiers tomorrow and they have been running a countdown campaign for the last 2 weeks. They are making people aware of the new season and building excitement with the fans.  I feel like they have done a great job and I wanted to analyze if for this blog post.


They have a countdown graphic for every day and people can comment and tag their friends. Along with the countdown, they share interview videos of the cast doing promotions. They post two the three times a day, but I don’t ever feel bombarded with posts in my news feed.

Sea Scape Principles:

The Principle of Least Resistance- They provide an easy way to share the post with your friends. You can share the post in your timeline or you can tag friends and have a conversation about the content. There is not much required to share the content.

The Attention Principle- Because this is a VERY popular show, most people will share their posts to show off to others. When you share something, and people notice it makes you feel like you are ahead of the game and that you are in the loop. This is a perfect show to help gather attention.

The Story Principle- This TV show is a wonderful story and if you watch the show you know the story based on the pictures in the post. It can portray a relatable feeling just by sharing a post!