To be completely honest, I feel like half of my Instagram feed is sponsored ads. Some days it really bothers me and some days I don’t really care. I see a lot of ads for Amazon showing my what I have recently looked at but I also see a lot of ads for other companies. The ad I will be discussing today os for tile.

Tile is a small little device that works through Bluetooth and connects to your phone. You can have these tiles on your keys, in your backpack or wherever you want. And then you can track and sound them with your phone. I have a few of these that I use religiously.

Here is one of their ads promoting a holiday sale.

Rule of Thirds:

In this ad, they have a lot going on. It also is animated. But it does work! I don’t think it feels too busy or to overwhelmed. They have chosen nice colors that complement the point they are getting across. I brought up the rule of thirds because this photo barely follows that rule. The main focus of this picture should be the tile but it is almost in the middle of the picture. It is towards the top and that is why it slightly follows this rule. Either way, I think it is visually appealing.


There are two strong leading lines in this image. They don’t lead you down to the “show now” button but they do draw your attention to the “up to 50% off”. That gets people’s attention for sure. We like cheap things.

Alignment:A combination of the two principles mention above is alignment. The center alignment of the “up to 50% off” and the tile is perfect. It captures the message of the post in a glace. A great job at showing the viewer exactly what you are selling in a matter of seconds.


I am already a huge fan of tiles. I think their advertising team did a great job with this post. With sponsored ads, it is nice that you can click on the photo and go directly to the item to buy. Smart Instagram.